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Fear of Intimacy
Five years ago, Fai and Po were in love, yet, they were close physically but distant in heart. One placid summer day, they were spending the afternoon silently on a beach. Suddenly, Fai got an urgent call and left. Po wordlessly walked to the white hazy sea and disappeared ever since, leaving only a photo and pieces of memories to Fai. Five years have passed, Fai is no longer a photojournalist but a paparazzo, whose job is to trace local celebrities and expose their scandals. One night when his team is tracing a rich lady on her secret affairs, a young girl Michelle joins them. Michelle has been admiring him since University, and wants to be his assistant. Fai accepts Michelle for the paparazzi job. Next day, the rich lady they followed is found dead at riverside. Shocked by the news, Fai and Michelle decide to further investigate into the mysterious murder. However, he never expect that the investigation would lead to his own haunted past.


Vincent Chui


2004, 100-min


Tony Leung, Michelle Alicia Saram, Stephenie Lim, Cheung Wing Hong

28th Hong Kong International Film Festival


6th Taipei Film Festival

  • Closing Film

26th Moscow International Film Festival

Jiang Hu
After his baby is born, Hung, the Kingpin of the triad society has decided to retire for a simple life. However, if he ever steps out from Jiang Hu (the Chinese term for mafia world), gang leaders from different branches would all rise to fight for the throne. Rumors swirling that in less than twelve hours there will be bloodshed everywhere due to Hung's departure, his ruthless right hand man, the Lefthander is believed to be one of those vicious assassins. Two young gangsters are struggling for power in the underworld, hungry for fame; Wing is nominated by the gang leader for the assassination job, carrying only a cleaver as weapon. Wing asks his sworn brother, Turbo to join. When night falls, their mission begins but eventually collides with a mysterious woman that caught Wing in his eyes ... ... 


Wong Ching Po


2004, 94-min


Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Shawn Yue, Edison Chen

9th Busan International Film Festival

  • PPP Official screening


52th San Sebastian Film Festival

  • Zabaltegi Competition
Give Them A Chance
Sam and brother Jack are both passionate in dancing. Jack left Sam and starts teaching dance classes to youngsters. Later Sam meets Jack and his students in a dancing contest outside the Cultural Center. Sam discovers that Jacks students are brilliant and talented. Yet, the elder brother of Ching (one of Jacks students) questionss his practice and causes Jack to lose his teaching job. At this point Sam supports Jack in his own dancing studio and the team works hard for the forthcoming dance performance in an arts festival ... ... 


Herman Yau


2003, 94-min


Andy Hui, Cheung Wing Hong, Ellis Tang

Fu Bo
Three interrelated tales inspired by forensic crime dramas and linked by the theme of death. A morgue assistant named Fubo, someone who cleans up after the coroner has collected forensic data, watches gut-wrenching autopsies and mutilated corpses on a daily basis. Tragically enough, Fubo encounters his son only when he examines him as a corpse. But strangest of all is his oddball colleagues, when they throw a birthday party for a dead child in the autopsy room. 

In another part of town, a professional killer begins to view his job with guilt. This tormented soul begins to act erratic much to the dismay of his triad bosses. 

The third character is a Portuguese cook who works in a prison in Macau. His job is to cook for inmates on death row, and to record their dying wishes. This unholy trio, who practically live with dead people and consider corpses as their family, find out in different ways that the most beautiful moments of life are often those closest to death.


Wong Ching Po, Lee Kung Lok


2003, 84-min


Liu Kai Chi, Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang

8th Busan International Film Festival

  • Official Selection


Toronto International Film Festival 2003

  • Official Selection
Runaway Pistol
Guns don't kill people, it is people who kill people.

The runaway pistol, which has a life of its own, traveled from the underbelly of Mongkok (Hong Kong) to seedy Shenzhen (China) across the border. It found its way into the hands of a motley crowd of characters, and transformed the lives of a sex worker, a small-time hood, a middle class family, troubled teenagers, a suicidal fisherman, illegal immigrant and innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders, each with their own pain, loss, regrets and dreamsK The Runaway Pistol fashioned a one-of-a-kind road movie. It was a complex kaleidoscope of images with subversive and surreal intensity. It was a cruel fairy tale about a city on the verge of a moral meltdown.


Lam Wah Cheuen


2002, 86-min


Wilson Yip, Wong Chun Chun

8th Golden Bauhinia Awards

  • Best Picture Nomination


39th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

  • Best Film Nomination
  • Best Original Screenplay Nomination
  • Best Director Nomination