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“Andox & BoxTM” are the wholly-owned properties by Andox Limited which was set up in 2007. The company holds the copyright of the intellectual property and trademarks for using the characters of “Andox & Box”.


“Andox & Box”were the ox-puppet dolls that were created and handmade by Mr. Andy Lau during the film shooting in 2007 in Mainland China. He made the white OX sewing with raw materials around, and named it AndoxTM. Andy treats himself as his mother and decided to give birth to another son, namely “Box” with similar prototype one month later due to sympathy with the loneliness of Andox.


“Andox & Box”have developed different business opportunities in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the past years, large varieties of well-known brands, media, and designers have been attracted to co-operate with and implement different promotion campaigns with  "Andox & Box”.