Concert’S False Authorisation
14th November 2019

Regarding the authorization letter in the market which feature (1) Apollo Entertainment Media Pte Ltd authorizing (2) 華文光輝(北京)國際互聯網科技發展有限公司as the authorized recipient to receive investment money for Mr. Andy Lau’s PRC concert, we, Topman Global Limited, would like to state and clarify as below:


We are the exclusive artiste management company of Mr. Andy Lau (“Mr Lau”) and the copyright owner for Mr Lau’s concert. We have never authorized the above 2 companies as the recipients for the investment sum of the PRC concert of Mr Lau. Thus, any such authorization letters are false. We urge the public to be cautious so as to avoid being scammed.


If anyone continues to make such false misrepresentation and/or acts of fraud, we shall file complaints with the relevant law enforcement agencies and pursue our rights against them.


Topman Global Limited