《Shockwave》Moveable Figurine
8th November 2019

In view of the photos, videos and sales of the moveable figurine of on the market, we state as follows:


Mr. Andy Lau has never and has not authorized any third parties to produce, sell or distribute the 1/6 scale version of the collectible figurines based on the character of Mr. Andy Lau in the film.


The photos, videos and product packaging currently circulated on the Internet, Facebook, Instagram, Ebay and other platforms or media have absolutely no relation to Mr. Andy Lau and his companies. We urge the public to please be alert and do not be deceived.

All information about Mr. Andy Lau's endorsement or authorized products will only be released by us and our holding company Focus Group Holdings Limited's official website ( as the designated official channels. We will pursue and preserve our rights to take legal action against the above passing off of Mr. Andy Lau.


Topman Global Limited