False Advertisements, Promotion and Information in Relation to Beauty Products
6th May 2021

In view of the false advertisements, promotion and information on the market alleging Mr. Andy Lau's endorsement of “Oadmire brightening moisturizing masks”,

we state as follows:


Mr. Andy Lau has not endorsed and has no plans to endorse any “Oadmire brightening moisturizing masks”. Mr. Andy Lau also has not authorized any company or individual (including but not limited to the companies named below) to use his image, name or autograph in relation to any “Oadmire brightening moisturizing masks” or related products.


News, advertisements and product packaging currently circulated in the market and on sina weibo alleging Mr. Andy Lau's endorsement of “Oadmire brightening moisturizing masks” are all fabricated and false advertisements or news, and have absolutely no relation to Mr. Andy Lau and his companies. Please be alert and do not be deceived by these false claims.


All information about Mr. Andy Lau's endorsement activities will only be released by us and our holding company Focus Group Holdings Limited's official website ( as the designated official channels. We will pursue and preserve our rights to take legal action against the above and any false advertisements/promotion and infringement of Mr. Andy Lau's rights to his image, name, reputation, and other rights and intellectual property rights of Mr. Andy Lau and ours.

Topman Global Limited